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If the chest clip (aka harness tie) on the harness breaks, you can replace it. Call the manufacturer and provide the date of manufacture and model number of the carseat. They will be able to send you a replacement clip for a very small fee. You may also be able to buy a replacement at a store like Babies R Us. But be sure to buy a chest clip made by the same manufacturer that made your carseat. A manufacturer may not be liable for injuries to a child in a crash if a different manufacturer's chest clip is used on the seat.

Chest Clip Types

Paperclip Style Chest Clip

This is a correctly threaded paper-clip style chest clip. Notice how the harness strap on the child's left shoulder is threaded through the clip from behind, not over the front.

2-Piece Style Chest Clip

This is a correctly threaded 2-piece chest clip. The harness is threaded through the clip from behind and the clip snaps together when it is closed. There are several different styles of 2-piece clips.

Various Chest Clips on One Seat

Photo courtesy of Joolsplus3

This picture shows five different chest clips threaded on one carseat harness. The bottom chest clip is the correct clip for the seat. You can see how many different varieties of clips there are on the market, but they all do the same job of keeping the harness on the child's shoulders. Of course, your seat should have only the chest clip that came with the seat on the harness.