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Organ Donation

Don't forget to make your wishes known to your family members regarding organ donation and register with the DMV if you'd like to donate your organs. In times of crisis, you'll want to make it easier on your family by making the decision for them.

Carseat and Stroller Emergency Labels

Need ID labels for your carseat or stroller? When in a collision, emergency medical technicians may keep your child in the carseat to transport him/her to a hospital and you may become separated during this time. These labels provide valuable information to medical personnel. Click on the link to download my Microsoft Word file; you can choose to save it to your hard drive or open it directly in your browser. It's an easy fill-in-the-blank document and uses Avery 5263 shipping labels (2" x 4"), or you can just print them up on regular paper, cut them out, and tape them to the carseat and stroller. A good way to make them stand out on your carseat is to use fluorescent-colored labels. If you can't get the Word file to work, you can use the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file. If you print from the .pdf file, the printing will not line up on a label sheet, so I suggest you print them on regular paper and fill them out by hand.