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Consumer Advisory

A consumer adivsory is a step down from a recall. The manufacturer may feel that there is information to give to the consumer, such as changes in installation instructions that make the seat perform better in a crash, but the old instructions perform to federal standards as well.

Web Sites with Recall Information

What is a recall?

A recall can mean many things. Sometimes a notice will be released from the manufacturer that there's a problem with a seat. It can mean anything from a fix for an annoyance, such as the cover not staying on the seat, to something as major as a harness failing in crash tests. If there is a recognized problem with a seat, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the manufacturer will issue the recall. If the seat is also used as a household item, such as an infant seat, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) may get involved.

Please register your carseat with the manufacturer or NHTSA. This may be the only way you receive notification of a recall. Don't forget to update your information with the manufacturer should you change addresses.

If your seat has a defect, please notify the manufacturer, even if it's after the warranty period. Also, file a defect report with NHTSA. You may not be the only one with the same problem and the more reports NHTSA receives, the more likely it is to start an investigation that may lead to a recall.

Check out the News page for current recalls.

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